A Transformational Decision

The EFF Board of Trustees recently determined that it is in the best interest of the Foundation, its stakeholders, partners, and the community for our organization to transition from an ongoing, perpetual foundation to one that has a planned, spend-down approach over the next 12+ years. This transformational decision follows a detailed analysis and assessment of how our stewardship efforts can continue to have the longest and greatest impact on the grantmaking areas guided by the vision and legacy of our founders.

We will continue to operate under the current strategic plan for the next two years. During this same time, however, the board and staff will collaborate and develop a new strategic plan for the 10-year spend-down period. The new strategic plan, which will be in place by the end of 2024, will focus on the areas of current interest to the Foundation and founders’ legacy projects, and always on our desire to create lasting, high-impact projects and programs.

It is important to note that this strategic decision will not have any immediate impact on current Foundation operations. Over the next several years, our operations will largely continue as they are, and grantees and partners will see no significant changes. During the 10-year spend-down period, which is anticipated to begin with the new strategic plan in 2024, grantmaking will begin to transition to larger projects and strategic grantee program support. Our Foundation officers and staff remain unchanged, and they will be key to our strategy process and implementation.

This is an incredibly exciting time to begin this new journey with our extraordinary team and the grantees we have supported over the last 14 years. We look forward to continuing to deliver on our mission of advancing the economic, environmental, and social interests of our region in ways that meet the present and anticipate the future.

As always, we remain committed to the work we do together to make our region sustainable, just, vibrant, and flourishing – now and for generations to come.