Erb Family Foundation Announces 61 Detroit Arts Support Grantees

Erb Family Foundation Announces 61 Detroit Arts Support Grantees

Today we announced $7.3 million in new and ongoing grants during our September grant cycle. See the complete grants list here.

As part of our continuing participation in Detroit Arts Support, we made three-year general operating grants totaling $5.2 million to 61 Detroit area and Erb family legacy arts and cultural institutions. The Foundation’s increased commitment to Detroit Arts Support includes nine organizations in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties that are new grant partners:

A grant of $100,000 to the Arts League of Michigan will support the production of Jazz from Detroit and the development of coordinated public and educational programming. This first-ever full-length documentary film will highlight Detroit’s profound influence on the genre through interviews with renowned jazz musicians and historians. The film will premiere in 2023.

“Inspired by the award-winning book by Mark Stryker, Jazz from Detroit will be an impactful and educational film that will reach local, national, and international audiences and hopefully be used in schools and jazz education programs across the country,” said Neil Hawkins, president of the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation. “It’s a grant that would’ve deeply moved and excited Fred Erb.”

The Foundation is also supporting the following organizations, among others, in its September grants cycle:

  • Ecology Center received $150,000 to convene the Great Lakes PFAS Action Network, which will ensure that PFAS-impacted community members in Michigan are equipped to advocate for change by sharing their stories of how PFAS contamination has affected human health and local economies and ecosystems.
  • Environmental Working Group received $300,000 to identify farms in Michigan’s portion of the Western Lake Erie Basin where conservation practices will have the most significant impact. This effort will help decrease phosphorous runoff and improve the health of Lake Erie.
  • Great Lakes Environmental Law Center received $170,000 to provide environmental justice communities with tools to advocate for measures that will protect metro area children from asthma-triggering air pollution and lead poisoning.

View the complete grants list.

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