Erb Family Foundation Awards More Than $13.1M in Funding to Nonprofits

Erb Family Foundation Awards More Than $13.1M in Funding to Nonprofits

Today we’re excited to announce that the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation awarded more than $13.1 million in new and ongoing grants.  

“It’s an honor for the Foundation to work with its nonprofit partners to help drive progress toward a healthier and more vibrant region for communities today and for future generations to come,” said Melissa Damaschke, president of the Erb Family Foundation.

The Foundation made new and continuing grants in the focus areas of Great Lakes stewardship and agricultural runoff, environmental health and justice, jazz education, and a special opportunity linked to Fred and Barbara Erb’s love of public television.

Improving the health of our rivers and Great Lakes also improves the health of our communities and economy. To that end, the Foundation made two new grants for applied research efforts. One grant to Wayne State University’s Healthy Urban Waters program for $600,000 will continue to support and expand its efforts to study and manage harmful water pollutants, such as PFAS and microplastics, found in the Lake Huron to Lake Erie corridor. Another grant to the University of Michigan’s Water Center for $532,000 will use updated data and improved models to inform improvements for the health and water quality of Lake Erie. 

Fred Erb’s affinity for jazz music continues to inspire our investments in the future of Detroit’s rich jazz culture. The Foundation awarded a total of $1,394,000 in new jazz education-related grants to the Carr Center, Detroit Jazz Festival, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Michigan State University’s Community Music-School Detroit, and Music Hall Center For The Performing Arts. A grant to ArtOps will provide for continued collaboration and coordination between these programs through JazzEd Detroit. 

In the May 2024 grant cycle, the Foundation is also supporting the following organizations, among others:  

As previously announced on May 30th, the Foundation is also proud to acknowledge Fred and Barbara Erb’s love of public television with $7.5 million challenge grant to support Detroit Public Media’s return to the City of Detroit in its new location in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood.