Our Interns

Rhianna Reamer, 2021

rhianna reamer intern '21

Rhianna attended the University of Michigan prior to her internship with the Erb Family Foundation in 2021. Rhianna learned about a variety of topics during her time at the Foundation including water infrastructure, stormwater planning around the U.S., and reducing combined sewer overflows in the region. Rhianna also learned about philanthropy, both internal processes as well as the role it plays in the surrounding community.

After interning, Rhianna went on to complete her degree in Business Administration with the intent to pursue a career in Sustainable City Planning. She is a senior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business BBA program and an Erb Institute undergraduate fellow and will be graduating in May 2022.

sarah mccall intern '21Sarah McCall, 2020

Sarah attended Wayne State University prior to her internship with the Erb Family Foundation in 2020. Sarah learned how to be adaptable and flexible as she spoke with stakeholders during projects. She also conducted research.

After her internship, Sarah completed the last year of her MBA with a focus on social impact, systemic barrier issues, and social equity.