Culture & Arts

A culturally vibrant City of Detroit and metropolitan Detroit region where arts contribute to the area’s economic, social and creative well-being.

Anchor Arts

Our Desired Outcome is a culturally vibrant metro Detroit, evidenced by healthy organizations and a coordinated sector.

To achieve that outcome, we provide flexible funding to select arts & cultural organizations; support improved business models that increase the capacity and impact of those organizations; and invest in holistic efforts that strengthen the field.

We will measure impact by tracking the capitalization of arts organizations in metro Detroit.

Jazz Education

Our Desired Outcome is a continuation of Detroit’s strong jazz tradition, and Fred Erb’s legacy of jazz patronage, by educating the next generation of jazz musicians.

To achieve that outcome, we support efforts to provide and improve jazz instruction for musically talented, economically challenged youth.

We will measure impact by tracking jazz education students.


We have found that applicants have the greatest success by contacting a program officer before submitting a Letter of Inquiry. For projects that align with our Arts outcomes, please contact Sigal Hemy.