b'FRED & BARBARADevoted parents, grandparents, and long-time civic leaders, Fred and Barbara Erbs philanthropy was strongly influenced by their desire to create a better world for both current and future generations.Thisdesire,togetherwiththeirexperienceasfamilyBarbara Erb was born in Detroit on April 17, 1924 as businessowners,theirsharedloveoftheoutdoors,Barbara Jean Morley. As a young child, Barbara spent and their deep sense of fairness and justice, naturallyhersummersinBayfield,Ontario.Barbarastimeon led them to view their philanthropy through the lens ofthe shores of Lake Huron taught her a lifelong love and sustainabilitydevelopment that harmonizes economic,respect for the Great Lakes and the natural environment, environmental, and social interests, meeting the needswhich would later influence her philanthropy. of the present without compromising the needs of the future.An early environmental activist, Barbara was an organic gardener committed to nutrition and wholesome eating BornFebruary11,1923inDetroit,Fredattendedlongbeforetheseissuesbecamemainstream.She Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills where he excelledlecturedonorganicgardening,frequentedthelocal insports,music,science,andmath.In1942,Fredfarmers markets, took her recyclables to the DPW, and transferred to the University of Michigan where he metwas known in every health food store in town. Always his wife Barbara. With the onset of World War II, Fredcommunityminded,Barbarasphilanthropyincluded joinedtheArmyEnlistedReserveandwascalledtoleadership roles with a broad array of organizations. active duty in June 1943. While stationed in Maryland he spent his weekends in New York City listening to jazzAfter years of charitable giving, Fred and Barbara made greats like Art Tatum, Billie Holiday, and Sidney Bechet,their largest gift to create the Frederick A. and Barbara furthering what would become a lifelong love of jazz.M.ErbInstituteforGlobalSustainableEnterprise,a joint masters degree program between the University Afterthewar,FredandBarbaramarriedandFredof Michigans Ross School of Business and School of resumed his education. Shortly after graduation, FredEnvironmentandSustainability(formerlySchoolof went to work for his uncles lumber and coal businessNatural Resources and Environment). in Royal Oak. The business grew rapidly under Freds leadership, and by the 1970s Erb Lumber became theIn 2007, as parents and grandparents with a concern for largestlumbersupplierinMichigan.Fredwasalsothe environment and a love of the arts, Fred and Barbara active in real estate development, often lending moneyestablishedtheFredA.andBarbaraM.ErbFamily to new builders unable to access traditional financingaFoundation, with a mission of nurturing environmentally reflection of his entrepreneurial spirit.healthyandculturallyvibrantcommunitiesinmetro Detroit, consistent with sustainable business models, and supporting initiatives to restore the Great Lakes ecosystem.2'