b'COVER ARTWORKIJANIA CORTEZIjania Cortez was born July 31, 1990 in DetroitMichigan.Atanearlyageshe was encouraged to pursue art from her teachers, and began to study on her own. Though she lost touch with her craft in her highschoolyears,withencouragement As a native of the city, I remember the Detroit Institute of thefrom peers, she began to create art again Arts being a place of enchantment for me as a kid. I would takein 2012. Rediscovering her passion, she trips with my parents there and to other landmarks in the city,began teaching herself through strenuous leaving each space with a sense of wonderment. My worldstudy. She hosted her first solo exhibition, expanded not only through my exposure to the arts, when IA Summer Nativity, in July 2017.realized in full the value of the arts to community. Focusingonportraiture,theartists Art brings people together and expresses the thoughtsworkusesvibrantcolorsandscaleto and dreams of humanity.evoke a sense of divinity in her subjects. Handcrafting customized canvases from There was and is a diverse set of art appreciators: Mothers andsalvagedwoodandbuildingmaterial, daughters, sisters and brothers, and Fathers and sons. Art unitesherpieceshavebeendescribedas people across generations, and those warm thoughts are whatsoulful, provocative, and indicative of the inspired this piece.beauty of the human spirit.34'