b'GRANT GUIDELINESARTSDesired Outcome: A culturally vibrant City of Detroit and Metropolitan Detroit region where arts contribute to the areas economic, social, and creative well-being.ANCHOR ARTS ARTS & COMMUNITY LIFEDesired Outcome Desired OutcomeA strong central city and vibrant neighborhoods in the City ofRobust community participation and more attractive, prosperous Detroit that also contribute to the quality of life in Metropolitanneighborhoods in Detroit and other economically challenged Detroit. areasacrossMetropolitanDetroit,contributingtoastronger region.The Foundation will provide:TheFoundationwillconsiderprojectsupportfor General operating support to a diverse but defined set ofactivities that:organizationsthatrepresenttheculturalmainstaysofthe region, including those that have historical significance toStrengthenindividualneighborhoodsthroughcultural the Erb family. activities and public art.Additional support to these anchor institutions in exceptionalExpose and engage residents and audiences in opportunities casesfortime-limited,transformationalefforts.Thismayfor creative expression and participation in order to build take the form of capital or endowment campaigns, majorcommunity, with an emphasis on projects that:physical infrastructure needs, innovative and comprehensiveexplore the intersection of arts and the environment.marketingandoutreachefforts,orsignificantinvestmentsbuild on the communitys artistic roots and history to that will strengthen their position as cultural anchors. Thesupport its cultural and economic renaissance.Foundation is particularly interested in using its support ofDevelopthesupportinfrastructuretohelpcreatean theseeffortstoattractnewandadditionalphilanthropiceconomically sustainable arts community.resources for the organization, so grants in this area will typically be challenge or partnership grants. JAZZ EDUCATIONPleasenotethattheFoundationwillnotacceptunsolicitedDesired Outcomeapplications in these areas.The continuation of Detroits strong jazz tradition, and Fred Erbs legacy of jazz patronage, by educating the next generation of musicians. The Foundation supports jazz instruction for musically talented, economically challenged youth.28'