b'ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH, JUSTICE, & EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENTNational Fish and Wildlife FoundationCentralDetroitChristianCommunityGreat Lakes Environmental to create the Southeast Michigan ResiliencyDevelopment Corporation to update theLaw Centerto improve local advocacy Fund, $600,000 over 3 years aquaponics system, $30,000 for year 2 of 4 inpublichealthdecisionmaking, $128,000 over 2 yearsNationalWildlifeFederationtoDetroitFood&Entrepreneurship engagebusinessesaroundLakeErieAcademy to add water stewardship toThe Greening of Detroitgeneral inworkonharmfulalgalblooms,the DFA curriculum, $50,000 operating support, $100,000over 2 $230,000 over 2 yearsfor the GreatyearsLakesConferenceinDetroit,$25,000 continuedsupportfortheHealingDetroit Food Policy Council to improve OurWaters-GreatLakesCoalition,Detroits local food economy, $110,000KeepGrowingDetroittobuild $225,000 for year 3 of 3 over 2 years organizationalcapacity,$120,000for year 2 of 2TheNatureConservancytodevelopDetroitHispanicDevelopment an online GSI database with the City ofCorporation for a public health actionMetro Healthcare Services Inc for the Detroit,$120,000foryear2of2toplan, $117,728 for year 3 of 3 Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business advanceGSIinDetroit,$240,000forForum, $60,000 over 2 yearsyear 4 of 5 Detroiters Working For Environmental The Sierra Club Foundation continuedJusticecontinuedgeneraloperatingMichiganEnvironmentalCouncilto support, $165,000 over 2 years develop state policy goals on Great Lakes supportfortheDetroitGSIprogram,priorities, $125,000$25,000 for year 2 of 2EcologyCenterIncforaneeds UniversityofMichigantomodeltheassessment on lead and asthma preventionMichiganNonprofitAssociation Detroit and Maumee Rivers contributionsin Wayne County, $50,000 continuedforBuildingtheEngineofCommunity to Lake Erie algal blooms and to evaluategeneral operating support, $100,000 DevelopmentinDetroit,$150,000for thesocialimpactsofGSIinDetroit,year 2 of 2$994,000 for year 3 of 3 EcoWorkstoresearchsoillead remediation in Detroit, $86,518 for yearSoutheasternMichiganHealth EastsideCommunityNetwork2of2continuedsupportforGreatAssociationto create a fellowship at the continued support for the Lower East SideLakes Bioneers, $14,000 Detroit Health Department, $99,000 for Action Plan, $300,000 year 2 of 2FairFoodNetworktobuild WayneStateUniversitytocreateorganizationalcapacity,$30,000forUnited Community Housing Coalition theHealthyUrbanWatersprogram,year 3 of 3to expand Double Up Foodto address tax foreclosure in Detroit, $849,000 over 3 years Bucks, $25,000 for year 4 of 4 $100,000OUR GRANTS'