b'APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONSSTEP 4: THE PROPOSAL The purposes of our Reporting Requirements are: A Proposal may be invited based upon your LOI. The informationGrant Monitoringto assure that funds are being spent youwillbeaskedtoincludeintheProposalisspecifiedinas planned.Section II of our Grant Application Instructions, which can beMeasurementto help assess the impact of the grant.found on our website. A grant request typically should take threeOrganizational Learningcareful collection and use of data to five months to process from the time that the Letter of Inquiryshould help ongoing program development and refinement.is submitted, though certain requests may take longer. Again, Foundation staff may contact you for additional information or aNew grants must submit a Progress Report after six months and site visit at any point in the review process. aFinalReporttwomonthsaftertheconclusionofthegrant. Renewal Grants and Multi-Year Grants instead submit annual STEP 5: POST GRANT REQUIREMENTSProgress Reports, due 10 weeks before the Board reviews the nextgrantinstallment,andaFinalReporttwomonthsafter If a grant is awarded, you will be asked to sign a Grant Agreementthe conclusion of the final Grant Term. Final Reports should be Letter. Progress reports will generally be due every six months.cumulative, covering the entire Grant Term.See our Reporting Requirements for specific instructions.Wewillsendyouanemailreminderapproximatelyfour weeks before your Report is due. The email will include a web-REPORTING REQUIREMENTS based link to submit your Report. We will only accept Reports submitted through that link. We also encourage regular, ongoing Wehaveattemptedtodevelopapracticalapproachcommunication.to program evaluation. While most programs likely will not require a formal, outside evaluation, we do expect a thoughtful processandwrittenreport.Programevaluationprovides ongoing, systematic information that strengthens projects during their life cycle and provides outcome data to assess the extent of change. Evaluations should include both Process and Outcome components, meaning that they will document the development and operation of the program (Process) as well as measure the programs impact (Outcomes). OUR GRANTS'